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Project Title : Putrajaya Wetland & Lake Development
Client : Putrajaya Holding Sdn. Bhd.
Services provided : Design and Construction Supervision
Project Description : Malaysia's first constructed wetlands built to demonstrate benefits of incorporating this unique ecosystem into urban area for sustainable development and treatment of catchment runoff.It is one of the largest constructed wetland in the world involving 197 hectares,70 indigenous wetland species and 12.3 million plants.The wetlands forms an integral part of Putrajaya's City In The Garden concept. Its wetland habitat promotes diversity of flora and fauna species. It creates an environment conducive for residents to live, work and play. The design of the wetlands requires extensive hydrologic and water quality modeling. A water quality modeling using AQUALM was carried out which simulates long term pollutant export and retention and the likely eutrophication potential of the lake and wetland system. Construction of the wetlands began in March 1997 and was completed in August 1998 at a construction cost of about RM 90 million. ACS was accorded the ACEM Special Merit Award in 2000 for this project.


Project Title : Taman Tasik Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
Client : University Technology Petronas
Services provided : Study, Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : Taman Tasik UTP Master Plan includes transforming turning 8 disused mining ponds into focal point of new park, to enhance recreational value. A strategy is to divert runoff into existing main drain into the ponds to overcome water stagnation problem and returning life back to the water body. The use of artificial wetlands to filter the surface water and control of eutrophication was investigated.


Project Title : Wetland Park in Chaohai, Kunming China
Client : Kunming Nam Fatt Dianchi Development Co. Ltd.
Services provided : Concept Design
Project Description : Constructed wetlands are proposed for treating polluted water from the Dianchi Lake and inland streams which discharge into Chao Hai Lake.Submerged flow system and the free water surface system are proposed to treat polluted water to a standard suitable for body contact recreation. Submerged flow wetlands (about 5.8 ha) is subdivided into 22 sub-cells for efficient distribution of water into wetlands. Free water surface wetlands consists of cell No. 1 (4.53 ha) and cell No. 2 (3.34 ha). The cells consists of about 30% open water and 70% of planted area of macrophytes. Windmills are proposed for lifting dirty water from lake and streams into wetlands for treatment.

Project Title : Canal and Wetlands Lukut Residential and Resort Development
Client : Dataran Mantin Sdn. Bhd.
Services provided : Feasibility Study & Design
Project Description : The theme of the resort development at Lukut, Port Dickson district is a Canal City.ACS carried out a feasibility study using artificial wetlands for treating the water from Sg. Lukut Kecil to feed the canal system. The challenge of the project is treat the high level of pollution at the river and limited land area available for wetlands construction. One strategy is to recycle the water from the canal for further treatment at the wetlands.

Project Title : Dengkil Wetland and Pond System
Client : SYABAS
Services provided : Feasibility Studies
Project Description : The proposed works involve diverting Sg. Langat flows into 4 Nos. existing tin-mining ponds (900 hectares). The existing mining ponds is contaminated. Water is very acidic, low in dissolved oxygen, high in colour and slime is present at bottom of ponds with heavy metals. Water from tin-mining ponds has to be treated to the extend suitable for human consumption. Constructed Wetland is proposed as preliminary treatment to improve quality of raw water.

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