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Project Title : Durian Tunggal Bunded Storage and Water Transfer Scheme, Melaka , Malaysia
Client : Syarikat Air Melaka
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : The Durian Tunggal Reservoir dried up in 1991 after a period of prolonged drought. It plunged the state of Melaka , Malaysia into a water shortage crisis affected over 600,000 people. ACS originated the concept of a bunded storage and water transfer scheme which accelerated the recovery of the Durian Tunggal Reservoir. It was completed in a record time of seven months using a fast track method for the project valued at about RM34.5 million. The scheme also removed the constraints on the water supply and helped to improve the reliability of water supply to the state by utilizing fully the limited water resources of the Melaka river basin. ACS was accorded the Engineering Award of Commendation by ACEM for this project.


Project Title : Kemaman Water Supply Project Stage 2, Terengganu , Malaysia
Client : Syarikat Air Terengganu
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : Terengganu experienced surge in water demand in the Telok Kalong Industrial area in Kemaman district in the 90's. ACS carried out water resources study, detailed investigation, detailed design, construction supervision and contract management for the Stage 2 upgrading works. The existing plant was upgraded from 114 Mld to 225 Mld. Two 50 Ml inground HDPE lined reservoirs were constructed. This was the first reservoir of its kind built in Malaysia for potable water storage. The reservoirs site consists of soft marine clay. The used of HDPE lining avoided the geotechnical problems due to settlement of the structures and slope instability.


Project Title : New Melaka Water Supply Project - Stage 2, Melaka , Malaysia
Client : Syarikat Air Melaka
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : Design of the plant involved extensive bench scale tests on the raw water to establish the most effective and reliable treatment process. DAF/filtration process was finally adopted. Chemical handling system was designed for bulk handling of chemicals to provide an efficient, healthy and conducive system of chemical handling and reduces labour cost. Chemical dosing was designed to operate automatically to minimize operator attendance. Fully automate filter backwashing using programmable logic controller (PLC) filter performance.


Project Title : Upgrading Of Bukit Sebukor Water Treatment Plant
Client : Syarikat Air Melaka
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : The project involves expanding the Sebukor Treatment Plant's from 36 Mld to 72 Mld. The plant has limited free land for expansion. Upgrading works fully utilized existing facilities to reduce the project cost. The first stainless steel lamella plate sedimentation tank in the country was installed at the plant. Land acquisition exercise that normally required long lead time was totally avoided. The project presented Melaka Water Board a cost effective project.


Project Title : Review Study Of Kluang Water Supply Distribution
Client : Syarikat Air Johor
Services provided : Water Supply Distribution Study
Project Description : ACS was engaged by Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) to commission a study of the existing water supply distribution system in the District of Kluang with more than 50,000 connections. The study identified any weaknesses in the system and proposed future development works to supply and distribute water in sufficient quantity and adequate pressure to its customers. The study entails data collection, field inspection of the existing system, assessment of future water demand and identification of suitable locations for proposed development works. The service successfully identified all constraints in the system and recommended a reliable scheme to meet future demand.


Project Title : Non Revenue Water Reduction Works In Kuala Lumpur And Selangor
Client : Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor
Services provided : Investigation, Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : ACS was engaged by SYABAS to carry out detailed design and construction supervision of Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) reductions works in the districts of Gombak, Sabak Bernam and Hulu Selangor, Selangor. The exercise involved field work to study distribution system, analysis, detailed design, contract administration and supervision of construction works. Pipe replacement works use either no-dig method or open cut method.


Project Title : Binh An Water Treatment Plant Inspection And O&M Audit, Vietnam
Client : Binh An Water Corporation Ltd.
Services provided : Plant Inspection and O & M Audit
Project Description : Under the Binh An Water Treatment Plant Inspection and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Audit contract ACS would carry out four-monthly inspection for the plant. The scope of the audit includes general plant audit and O&M audit. Activities during the audit period include plant inspection, review the plants operation data, review maintenance schedules and activities, held discussion with plant operation and maintenance personnel and plant performance observation and study.


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