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Project Title : Putrajaya Drainage Master Plan
Client : Perbadanan Putrajaya
Services provided : Master Plan Study
Project Description : ACS prepared the Putrajaya Drainage Master Plan to achieve the overall goals of (i) preserving the environmental values of the lake system (ii) mitigating increased runoff and pollutant exports to external catchments (iii) providing for public safety from flooding and (iv) providing a cost effective maintainable drainage system. ACS applies land use planning and innovative design measures to formulate the master plan. Dual use of retention basins and wetlands can maximize both effectiveness of drainage scheme and recreational benefits.


Project Title : Putrajaya Stormwater Management Design Guidelines
Client : Perbadanan Putrajaya
Services provided : Preparation of Design Guidelines
Project Description : The guidelines provides guidance on the development of stormwater strategies and design guidelines for Putrajaya drainage system. These guideline encompass many of the latest philosophies in stormwater quality management.


Project Title : Detailed Design of Putrajaya Drainage System
Client : Putrajay Holding Sdn. Bhd.
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : ACS was commissioned by Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd to prepare detailed design for the Putrajaya drainage system. Distributed system incorporating some 200 underground stormwater treatment devices (STD) and water pollution control ponds. State of the art design of STD was incorporated in the drainage system. STDs were designed with the aims of removing 95% of litter, debris and coarse sediment, 70-80% of oil and grease from the stormwater including some portion of the phosphorus (up to 30%), nitrogen and heavy metals.


Project Title : Drainage Improvement Works At Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Client : Project Management Unit, HCMC
Services provided : Design & Tender Documentation
Project Description : The project entitled “Improvement of trunk infrastructure outside Tan Hoa – Lo Gom Basin, Sectoral Project No. 5 & 6” is a sub project under Ho Chi Minh City , Urban Upgrading Project, Vietnam . This project is funded through a credit loan from the World Bank. The project covers 7 districts. (Districts 4, 8, 9, 12, Thu Duc, Go Vap and Binh Tan). Three of the districts are located on the low-lying areas subjected to tidal influence. The design involves the assessment on the increase of rainfall intensity and tide level over the recent years due to climatic changes and land subsidence. The problems encountered in each area are unique and the solution required is different in order to suit the physical environment and development plan of each area. The challenges faced include working in congested areas with numerous utilities laid underneath roads without records. Extensive dialogues with residents displaced were conducted to draw-up resettlement action plan and environmental management plan.


Project Title : Melaka Drainage Master Plan Study
Client : JPS
Services provided : Drainage Master Plan Study
Project Description : The masterplan covered such topics as rainfall frequency analysis, flood hydrograph analysis, peak discharge simulation, water quality measurement, flood plain mapping, development guidelines preparation and design criteria recommendations.


Project Title : Mentakab Flood Mitigation Scheme
Client : JPS
Services provided : Feasibility Study
Project Description : ACS estimated the magnitude of historical flooding and identified inadequacies in drainage systems, liability for damage resulting from flooding, designed flood navigation schemes to properly manage flows during storm events. The scheme comprises approximately 2000 metres of earth bound up to 10 metres high, three overflow spillways totaling 200 metres width, two gravity outlet conduits with sluice gates and two stormwater pump stations to improve the drainage system of the town.

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