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Water and Waste Water Mechanical Plants

Water and wastewater treatment plants design and construction supervision is prime activity for ACS. The mechanical system associated with treatment plant system includes:
•  Raw water mixing system
•  Raw water screening system
•  Clarifier desludging system
•  DAF system
•  Filter backwash system
•  Chemical handling, mixing and dosing system
•  Chlorine handling and dosing system
•  Water sampling system
•  Building services
•  Sludge dewatering and handling system

ACS has completed many pumping station designs. The pumping station constructed includes low head raw water pumping system, high head treated water pumping system, inline booster pumping system and service water supply system. The design of the pumping station always associated with the following components:
•  Intake
•  Debris and grit removal system
•  Pump sump
•  Maintenance facilities
•  Electrical facilities

Prior to the design finalization, physical model study, economic and load analysis often carried out to optimize the operation and maintenance cost for the pumping.

Hydraulic Gate System

Hydraulic gate system usually associated with water supply system. ACS has completed many hydraulic gate systems for river, pump intake, dam and hydropower plant.

Hydraulic Transient Analysis

By applying modern real time graphical software, ACS carryout transient analysis for all the water transfer pipeline either gravity or pumped line. Suitable and cost effective water hammer solution will be provided for the pipeline. We have experience in wide range types of hydraulic transient solution include:
•  Pressurized surge tank
•  Open surge tank
•  Air valves
•  Check valves
•  One way surge tank

Plant Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Audit and Due Diligence Study

ACS offers O&M audit particularly for treatment plant. The audit involves plant inspections and review of the plant O&M records. Detailed audit report will be prepared to provide overview of the plant condition. Beside the report, ACS also suggest plant improvement measures for the audited plant.


ACS has experience in wide range of hydroelectric power plant design and study range from mini-hydro to big scale hydropower plants. Services provided include:
•  Power plant overall planning
•  Power plant equipment selection Francis, Pelton, Kaplan and Turgo
•  Power plant options study
•  Power plant performance study
•  Establish plant testing requirement
•  Construction supervision

Building Services

As part of the M&E engineering services, ACS also specialize in building services for new buildings, refurbishments and fit-out projects for most market sectors including commercial, industrial, process, retail and leisure. Services range includes:
•  Cold water and sanitary system
•  Fire protection system
•  HVAC system
•  LPG system
•  Material handling system

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