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Project Title : Putrajaya Electrical Works
Project Description : The electrical works at the promenade and waterfront consist of feeder pillar, corrugated HDPE ducts, lighting fittings, manholes/handholes, etc. The cablings are routed through the ducts with. ACS coordinated all the ducting for telecommunication services and IT services. ACS was involved in Precinct 1 promanade, Precinct 2, 3, 4, 5 & 18 waterfront works. The wetlands and Taman Wetlands electrical infraworks was designed by ACS.


Project Title : Hilir Perak Water Supply Scheme Electrical Works
Project Description : The electrical system design consist of 11 kV supply from TNB at the treatment works. On-line water quality analysers are installed in the plant to help the operators on the plant daily operation. A SCADA system is also installed at the treatment works monitoring daily plant operations. A web server is also installed to enable the client, Lembaga Air Perak (LAP), to access the relevant plant information from their headquarters.


Project Title : Bernam River Headworks (BRH) Plant Upgrading Electrical Works
Project Description : The existing electrical system of 415 V from TNB is to be upgraded to 33 kV supply to provide electricity to the existing treatment works. A standby genset of 1500 kVA, 415 V. The genset is step-up to 33 kV via a step-up transformer feeding the 33 kV consumer switchboard.


Project Title : Sg. Perting Mini-Hydro Plant
Project Description : ACS has been commissioned by AMDB Bhd to design, supervise and commission the Sg. Perting Mini Hydro Station. The project consist of intake, penstock and power house. The transmission of power to TNB is via 11 km of underground cabling and 250 m of ABC overhead line. 2 nos of 2.1 MW Turgo type turbines are installed in the power house. The scheme is expected to deliver 4 MW of power to TNB via the interconnection point at SSU Kg. Baru.


Project Title : Sg Kinta Water Treatment Plant Electrical Works
Project Description : An essential switchboard is provided with power supply from TNB or standby diesel generator set. The standby genset rated at 110 kVA, 415 V is sized to cater for plant shutdown in case of TNB power failure. The plant is also equipped with level, flow, pressure monitoring instruments. On-line water quality analysers are also installed for monitoring and control purpose. The plant operation can be controlled from the command centre located in the Administration building via the SCADA system. The SCADA system is made up of 1 duty and 1 standby server, fibre optic backbone, outstations, radio transmitter and receiver and peripheral equipment. Equipment status and/or control from the Kinta Dam can also be viewed via the SCADA system.

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