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Project Title : Putrajaya Main Dam
Client : Putrajaya Holdings Bhd.
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : The focal point of the Putrajaya is the development of a 400 hectares lake by construction of the Putrajaya Main Dam across Sg. Chuah. The Putrajaya Main Dam is an earthcore rockfilled dam, about 35m high and 800m long. A large part of the dam foundation area consists of soft alluvial deposit, which posed a risk to the stability and the long term settlement of the dam. A Labyrinth spillway with a crest length of 290m was designed to pass the designed flood of 1187 m 3 /s and to limit the flood rise to below 2.0m which is critical to the operation of the lake. The Labyrinth spillway is a first of its kind in Malaysia. A hydraulic model was carried out to confirm the spillway design parameters.


Project Title : Sg Kinta Dam Project
Client : Lembaga Air Perak
Services provided : Feasibilty Study, Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : The Sg. Kinta Dam of 90 m high is the first Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam constructed in Malaysia . It is designed to create a storage of 29.9 million m 3 to supply 312 Mld of raw water to the new treatment plant (227Mld) and existing Ulu Kinta treatment plant (85 Mld). ACS and GHD Pty Ltd. carried out a feasibility study, design and construction supervision of the project. The project used the state-of-art in RCC dam design and construction. It incorporates features such as use of (i) grout enriched RCC, (ii) slope layer method of RCC placing, (iii) control of thermal cracking and (iv) improvement of lift joint bonding.


Project Title : Mengkuang Dam Project
Client : UPEN Pulau Pinang
Services provided : Design & Construction Supervision
Project Description : The expansion of Mengkuang Dam involves heightening the existing dam by 10 m and construction of a 50 m high dam on the adjacent valley to form a unified dam about 3 km long. The two dams are zoned earthfill dam with concrete cut-off wall, jet grouting and rock grouting. Strengthening and extending existing drawoff culvert are required for raising of the existing dam. A new drawoff tower to replace the existing tower and access bridge are required. A new draw-off tunnel, drawoff tower and valve chamber with outlet pipe works and access bridge at left abutment of the new dam are required. The challenges of the project are to allow continuity of raw water supply from the Mengkuang Dam during construction and prevention of soil erosion and siltation of rivers during construction of the project.


Project Title : Ulu Belait Dam Project, Brunei
Client : Department of Water Services, Brunei
Services provided : Feasibility Study & Design
Project Description : The project consists of a 70m high zoned earthfill dam to create a 200million m 3 reservoir. The multi usage of the reservoir include a hydropower generation interbasin transfer from Sg. Belait basin to Sg. Tutong river basin, potable water supply, irrigation and industrial water supply and maintenance of environmental flows. The multi-purpose dam will maximize the benefits that can be derived from the development of the Ulu Belait dam project. The yield of the Sg. Belait and Sg. Tutong water supply systems can be maximized by the coupling operation of the two systems with the interbasin water transfer.

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